Releasing the Toxicity


You are toxic.

For different reasons than anyone else is toxic.

YOU can’t raise your frequency and feel better





Or in Business and Success


You are not clear

I have performed tens of thousands of frequency scans over the last 17 years.

Based on those results including CURRENT scans, I have discovered

BASIC areas in which almost everyone is toxic in their being, their environment and, their emotions.

These are things you can add, subtract and action things you can start doing NOW to dramatically change things in your being.

We will be covering:

Soul fragments and healing


Career blocks

Money blocks

Toxins in your body and environment

Toxic houses and land

And much much more


This is the most advanced work being done on the planet today
This is individual and specific to YOU

And that’s why we get the results we do.

The number one thing holding you back in business, health, love, relationships and career are your Toxins.

We are bombarded every day with

With Energies designed

To disempower us in all areas of our lives


YOU have the power to change everything.

We take EACH area and tell you where you are at in relation to toxins and

How to dissolve or eliminate them

 Option A

20+  videos regarding the top toxic things I see and what to do about them.

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Option B
20+ daily videos
Replay of 2 hour Video Q and A

Personal Toxicity Report 

Personal healing frequency track created for YOU



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