Infinite Lightness of Being: The Quickening......

A frequency raising, mind-blowing, hair-raising spiritual and whoo whoo program that this world has never seen.

I have 9 levels of different pieces of technology (including my own) that I will use on this journey with you. I have brand new tech we may bring in also.

Some of you joined us on Juicy Living and know how powerful these Life Enhancing classes are.
This may turn into a series (or a book) down the road...but THIS module is called.

Infinite Lightness of Being: The Quickening......

What is a quickening? The definition is..."Spring to Life, Take Action"
How you ask? That's what this class is for. We can help you chart your spiritual, mental, emotional,
energetic and physical course for the next year.

Are you blocked? Open up. Release beliefs, programming and much more. You don't need years of 
 therapy or a get the rich quick package. You need more of YOU. Access to all of YOU.

The answer is NOT endless telesummits , podcasts, books and seminars. The answer is a few weeks of fun and joyful "work" to te-rout energy.

*****It will be 6 weeks, 12 hours PLUS of powerful and potent teaching
Your first teaching will begin the minute you enroll in the class!!!

******Combination of pre-recorded  and LIVE Q and A and energy readings

*******Weekly and specific ONLY to YOU, deeply personal scans and results that will rock your world along with recommendations
(no one is doing this in the industry AT ALL)

*******Six aura pictures and readings by Dr. K to chart your progress, one each week

Discover that what you don't know CAN put you on a timeline path that you were
never created to be on.

*******Specific frequency raising, energy expansion exercises and practices that you may begin here and carry over into the rest of your life.

********A powerful group of like-minded people to network with and support you on this journey.

Warning: THIS IS a DEEP PROGRAM. This is for souls that have been longing for the MORE but
are tired of the endless striving and endless money "searching". You will NOT leave this program unchanged. Your tastes
in food, your career, your financial flow, your relationships probably will change. We work on the true DNA and cellular level as well as in your energetic field to help you change and transform quickly.

You will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging the above facts.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I know from doing thousands of scans over the last 17 years with
multiple pieces of equipment in multiple clinics across the country and working with tens of thousands of clients
that YOU have the answer inside you. You just need help accessing and unlocking all your brilliance and abilities
and expansion.....and.......

We have priced this at 297 per person and offer a two payment plan so everyone can access this program.
This begins the third week of April as far as Q and A and live interaction. Scans and the teaching begin right away.

If you thought Juicy Living was something, just wait until you get a "taste" of this program!



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