Intuition Mastered: The Magic of Intuition

How far will it take you?

The Magic of Intuition

Into course to Intuition Mastered

Alchemy of Science and Magic

Study with a Frequency, Energy Healer and Intuition MASTER

There are many practitioners you could take a class from. But only since 2016 have I been “released” to teach YOU all the secrets.

I have been a professional paid psychic and paranormal investigator since 1988. I have been a remote viewer and psychic advisor for some of the TOP paranormal teams in the country. I’ve had multiple clinical practices in naturopathy.  I am considered an expert in cryptozoology and live close to multiple habitation sites. I have an international reputation and a successful large broadcast radio show that airs on CNN, Sirrus radio and hundreds more stations around the world.

But none of that matters to YOU.

What  matters to you is practical…

Do you ask yourself…..

Am I psychic?

What are the extent of my abilities?

How can I use those abilities in my everyday life to bring in more

Love, happiness, joy, health, money, abundance, a great career and just plain whatever I desire to create?

Do you feel “not normal”?

This is my gateway and only attempt to open my mind blowing never replicated tech filled high level psychic education and evaluation program to EVERYONE.

It is called INTUITION MASTERED and advanced levels won’t be offered on a mass scale.

Have you ever suspected you were really a naturally born intuitive?

Do you have pre cognitive dreams?

Do you see spirits?

Do you know what the news headlines will be?

Do you feel like you “know” things?

Are you good at reading people?

Then MAYBE this class is for you.

Our tech does not fail. It is created by my programmers, evaluated by a neuro surgeon from a prominent research hospital

And me. It can’t be copied. It is original. You won’t find it elsewhere.

There is no psychic program on the market that will be honest with you.

They will tell are the same but you’re not.

You are powerful and have unique giftings unlike anyone else in the entire world. We would like to show these to you.

But guess what, even if you haven’t experienced any of these things or don’t THINK you are psychic. You probably are. We cannot only TELL you exactly where you are at right now but WE can help you get to wherever you want to go in a relatively short amount of time.

Again, this class is a taster, a teaser for much more advanced work.

But THIS isn’t a beginner class.

Its the gateway to everything

A new way of be-ing

A new way of see-ing

Of knowing

A way of living with no walls, only doors to multiple dimensions of reality

Layers of knowledge that you never dreamed you could access until NOW.

Yes, we’ve priced it low.

We are looking for the extraordinary.

The best of the intuitives

The empaths

The investigators

Frankly, we are looking for YOU

We have opportunities for you to put your skills to use and get paid.

I know you are out there.

I know we are destined to meet.

I know you’ve wondered who you were and if you were alone.

You are not.

Here’s what’s included:

At LEAST 6 hours of Recorded Video and LIVE Q and A teaching

With illustrated slides and videos when required

Groundbreaking evaluation of your overall life force energy

YOUR strongest psychic abilities…

This will involve a personal evaluation with aura photography and explanation

Multi Wave tracks that are encoded for THIS classes needs as

Well as PERSONAL multi wave encoded tracks

All for 377.00

You heard me right.

That’s how serious we are at Secret to Everything about helping you develop YOU and by doing that contributing radical light to the world.

In fact, if you don’t want the personal scans and evaluations, we’ll even let you in for 277.00

Just check the appropriate box.

Due to personal time and attention needed from me in this course, we will limit enrollment to the first 100 people.

After that, we will evaluate entrance on a case by case basis.

Our technology places encoded information in your energy body that works while you sleep. You will learn subtle information as well as overtly taught information.

We will unlock, deprogram and free you from any self set, other set our outside limitations.

Those who chose the personal scans will be evaluated before and after the class. We will SHOW you how you have shited and morphed!

We are the only ones brave enough to do this. Our programs work.

You “work”.


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