Juicy Living


Have you ever desired to LIVE JUICY?

Have you ever thought, wished or hoped that there was “MORE”?

MORE Love?

MORE Abundance?

MORE Health?

MORE Freedom?

MORE Knowledge?

MORE of your Natural Abilities


Juicy living is a class I developed to facilitate a true understanding that be-ing and being clear and in the flow needs to proceed everything and anything else that you are working on.

What is it? It’s an experience more than a program. It’s a 42 day magical journey of shifting energy into a higher vibration so that everything else shifts around you. Its over 12 hours of teaching and interaction with others.

It’s a private group to network and post with like minded individuals. It’s art that compliments the music and if you choose, it’s even more. It’s harmony. It’s balance.

It’s revolutionary and will change you. For the better. Forever.

It’s new technology blended with experience like nobody’s business. It’s 15 years of trial and error to go to these advanced programs and 26 years in the natural health field. It’s collaboration with doctors and scientists all over the world.


We have two options for this program

Although the program is super powerful on its own.....Personal scans and aura photos of your energy with remedy will help you chart your progress as you participate in the energy and teachings of this program. ***Remember at this time, new technology is only being shared WITHIN programs of the Secret to Everything and is not available for separate purchase.


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