One-Room Integrated Design

One Room Integrated Design


In a One Room Integrated Design with Kendra you will receive a personal Feng Shui Element Analysis. In this analysis, you’ll discover which element and colors are best for you and your space, plus some surprising personality traits that may help you understand your unique way of responding to spaces and people. From there you will decide a design style you like and inspires you to change your room. After selecting your design style and calculating your Feng Shui Elements, you’ll be given a Mood Board with design suggestions that include paint colors, material finish suggestions, and furniture recommendations. In Addition, to the opportunity to have Kendra’s advice and recommendations either in sketches or example images for the optimal location of all furniture and key décor, she will assist you in creating an ‘Energetic Container’ crafted to help your space hold your specific desires and intentions using Feng Shui Reinforcements. This ‘Energetic Container’ allows your intention to be fully integrated and anchored into your space.


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