The Ultimate Awakening Collection Membership Site

5 Years ago I began a journey entitled the Ultimate Awakening. Although I am very much still in the middle of the jou...

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Current Classes

Current and popular classes

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Frequency MP3s

Some of our most popular groundbreaking Frequency MP3s

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EnergyMastered: App Hold the power to heal in the palm of your hand

  STOP relying on others to “run your energy”.Put the power for your own health and well being in...

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Personal Protection Prosperity Devices

  One of a Kind STE Exclusive New Shipment of Protective Key Rings 29.97 plus $5 shipping (US) (For interna...

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Juicy Living

  Have you ever desired to LIVE JUICY? Have you ever thought, wished or hoped that there was “MORE&rdq...

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21 Day Frequency Master (Evergreen)

"Everything I do can be summed up in these terms. You may have heard me described as an energy healer, remote viewer,...

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FINAL CLASS Basic Practitioner Rain from Heaven: The Metaphysical Path to healing

Transmuting the Metaphysical Causes of Disease will be the Final Class in Basic Practitioner Frequency Mastered Certi...

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Energy ReMastered, Training, Panels and More!

Current panels available for purchase- For use on the Energy ReMastered App. 

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Roots 2 years in the making.6 months in the “happening” 12 powerful live teachings 12 powerful persona...

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Practitioner Program: Energetic Nutrition and Frequency Naturopathy Part One

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Practitioner Nutrition and Naturopathy Part One

Practitioner Nutrition and Naturopathy Part One (Four Modules) Take one, two, three or all four!(All four are re...

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